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Roar Collection ( Limited Edition )

RM 58.00 RM 78.00

Roar!!!!!!Dinosaurs have always fascinated us ! If you're a fan of dinosaurs you cant miss out this dinosour Lollipop! First and only in Malaysia! Not only Delicious and also Good Looking! Our candy is : -

  • Sugar Free, Vegan and Dairy-Free tooth friendly candy   
  • ✔Homemade, MOM APPROVED: Made with love for every child and adult in mind with a sweet tooth.  
  • ✔Low Calories
  • ✔Made with Real Fruit contain a good dose of vitamin and antioxidants with each bite.
  • ✔Red dates which helps to digest food, tonify blood and calm the mind and also improve insomnia.
  • ✔No Preservatives

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  • Gift Box Included  
  • Lollipop Size 3.5cm x 13cm ( 10pcs/set )  
  • Fixed Design  
  • Lemon, Blackcurrant,Honeydew,Red dates and Pineapple Flavor ( Mixed Randomly )
  • Size 22cm x 16cm x 5cm  




✔不含防腐剂,無麩質, 不含堅果, 不含乳製品, 不含脂肪, 全素可食    



✔真水果糖,水果不仅美味,而且还富含各种营养物质和高 Vitamin哦! 




  • 盒子的大小是 22cm x 16cm x 5cm 
  • 棒棒糖大小 3.5cm x 13cm ( 10支/一套 ) 
  • 设计如图,不能订制 
  • Lemon,Blackcurrant,HoneyDew,Pineapple,红枣口味  ( 口味随机 )
  • 有包装盒 

*As it is 100% handmade, the actual size and color of each lollipop may vary from the information and photos provided.