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Hello everyone! I’m Aki – former Air Asia X Stewardess now turned passionate Candy Chef! No one knows customer satisfaction like I do! I hope my Lollipops, made from my heart will bring out the child in you and smiles from your loved ones. From order to creation and delivery – I promise to convey every sweetness possible in my Lollipops… ...especially for you. . 大家好!我是ELENA AKI,之前是在亚航X航空当空姐的。因为结婚生小孩所以放弃了空姐这份工作!为什么会突发奇想想弄水晶棒棒糖呢?因为有颗童真的心,希望把棒棒糖的甜传递给每个人,而且水晶棒棒糖精致的外表也吸引了我去研究和学熬糖的这条路。每一个棒棒糖从制作的,包装,创作,熬糖都是精心制作出来的!希望可以把棒棒糖的甜蜜传递给每个顾客。谢谢。