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Poplicious Candy Factory – Malaysia BEST-SELLING healthy candy that’s actually good for your teeth and exquisitely crafted Lollipops! Come view (and taste!) our Candy Chef specialties or custom order your own creations. Poplicious Lollipops are inspired for that extra special occasion – weddings, valentines, parties, sweet surprises for a unique loved one and tooth-friendly perfect treat for every candy lover!    

Our Candy Chef prides herself in using only the finest ingredients to painstakingly create each Lollipop. Manifested from isomalt, this sugar substitute contains less than 0.6 times the sweetness of cane sugar (yes, kurang manis!) and yet exhibits an amazingly refreshing sweetness that keeps you licking away!

  • ✔Sugar Free, Tooth friendly candy   
  • ✔Homemade, MOM APPROVED: Made with love for every child and adult in mind with a sweet tooth.  
  • ✔Low Calories
  • ✔Made with Real Fruit contain a good dose of vitamin and antioxidants with each bite.
  • ✔Red dates which helps to digest food, tonify blood and calm the mind and also improve insomnia.
  • ✔No Preservatives

Poplicious Candy Factory 马来西亚一家火红手工创意糖果店,一天可以卖出3000支棒棒糖。专门为婚礼,趴地,庆功宴,送礼特殊定做的,  而且非常适合小朋友的健康棒棒糖。我们家的棒棒糖是使用了珊瑚糖,属于植物糖的一种,其甜度只有蔗糖的0.5~0.6倍。甜味纯正,没有任何后苦味效应。   

Poplicious Candy Factory 的棒棒糖结合了糖果师傅的创意和心思,创作各种各样美美的糖果。棒棒糖的贵不仅制作原料好,而且每一组每一个棒棒糖都是师傅精心花费了1-2 个小时做出来的,它需要熬糖,创作,包装全部都是纯手工制作出来的。除此之外,  棒棒糖都是现做的,所以糖果绝对新鲜有保证。   





✔真水果糖,水果不仅美味,而且还富含各种营养物质和高 Vitamin哦!  



*For selected design only 特定款式*